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Newsletter for April 2015
September 17, 2015

April 2015

New ideas ~ A good book ~ And, writing appetizers

Instead of Pennies, Change

Last week, The Wall Street Journal published an article about companies offering financial-wellness programs to its employees(1).

Despite a labor report that shows hourly earnings for workers has increased 2.1% in March up from the same time last year, the author says 80% of workers are still financial stressed (based on evaluations from 40K workers).

I couldn’t help but think of people who live pay check to pay check with families and day-to-day life issues. Personally, I remember my most meager moment – the summer after my freshman year of college.

That summer I spent most of my time applying for a second job. (Unsuccessfully, I’ll add.) One blazing afternoon in July, I sat at my desk analyzing the scanty remains of my check book. With a sigh and thoughts of “it could be worse,” the following popped in my brain…

I have groceries. My bills are paid. I have $100 in my savings and $100 in my checking. It’s sunny outside. I have a roof over my head. I do have one job. And, I’m in school educating myself … I will never be this poor again. And if I am, I know that at least today I am happy. I have all that I need.

Things did get better. Much better. And, I can’t help but appreciate how my attitude helped me stay calm and at peace.

When money doesn’t flow abundantly towards you but instead bills and problems, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed, discouraged, angry, sad, or any number of things. But if you can put that aside and be happy – even for the simple things, at least for a moment you’ll have peace.

And that’s what I love about this month’s book recommendation…a way to change your mind for success, instead of waiting for a government or employee financial security program to come along and “change” your financial outlook for you.



1 Reintzeig, R. (2015, April 8). Can companies solve workers’ money woes? The Wall Street Journal, B1,B6.

Book Recommendation

Book of the Week: Mind Over Money: How to Program Your Mind for Wealth (By Illy Alexi,

Mind Over Money, a book broken into 30-day mini lessons to help you change the way you think about money, is about creating a life of happiness and abundance.

Each day the author shares a short lesson to broaden your horizon about money and how to attract more of it to you. It is followed by a short statement that the author highly suggests you write – in a caps. Lastly, the author gives you something to think about or do for the next 24-hours. The daily “chapter” ends with an encouraging quote, a message that fits with the day’s task.

This book is different than any wealth or positive thinking self-improvement, nonfiction book I’ve read. What’s unique is the lessons are short, doable, make sense, and are encouraging. If you honestly do the activities, I can’t help but think your world may change.

As an added benefit, I got the book FREE on my Kindle. (And, I believe it is still listed on Amazon as a free Kindle book.)

Something to Write About...

A New Name Debuts This Month: Writing Appetizer

For a long while I thought about what to call this section, the “writing prompt” section.

As a former teacher, I used the term “writing prompt” for years, because it was the technical term for giving students a question or thought to force them to write something that we could later edit and polish as a means to teach a skill, concept or idea. Really, it was a way to engage students in critical thinking in a topic they chose, i.e. making them more “willing” participants.

However, since leaving the classroom I find that term repulsive. My students, I’m quite sure, were repulsed when I used it.

To me, “writing prompt” doesn’t connote anything warm, fuzzy, or inviting to encourage the act of writing. But instead, the opposite.

So, this month I will begin calling this section the “Writing Appetizer.” That’s what it is meant to be – a way to whet your writing appetite and get you thinking and writing - creatively.

Looking back, I wish I would have thought of calling writing prompts appetizers sooner. I’m sure my former students would have appreciated it much more. (Sorry, guys. :-) )

Try these hot and fresh writing appetizers –

1. What have you changed about yourself, your routine, or your life that has made you happy?

2. In “Instead of Penny’s, Change” (above), Ms. Bahe shares her most meager life moment. What is or was yours and how did you face the challenge?

3. If you had one bazillion pennies to create a physical structure of some sort, what would create?

Note to New Subscribers: The writing prompts you see here can be used in classroom or for creative free writing times. I hope they will help you.

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