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Newsletter for March 2015
August 11, 2015

March 2015

New ideas ~ A good book ~ And, something to write about.

A Note from Ms. Bahe

Journaling helps me think. I presume it does the same for you and others. While I don't like to read my old entries, I happen to catch this little nugget the other day:

“Why use an eraser to rub away mistakes? Mistakes are what make us great. They are the lessons life gives us when we are ready to learn. Embrace them… and the gifts from those lessons.”

To clarify... I do use an eraser quite often when I write. A lot - perhaps too much. But, some times things happen in life that you wish you could erase away. Which, I think is why this entry ended up in my journal.

Reflecting on this message today, I remember what I’ve learned as a writer and writing teacher.

Many of my students hated writing – and especially learning to write. I think it’s because it is a lot of work. You construct, deconstruct, and construct again (and again) until it reads the way you intend. There's a lot of "changing" involved.

"Change in all things is sweet." ---Aristotle

In life, we do the same thing. We construct ourselves to be one thing. Then we realize that isn’t a good fit for us. We deconstruct in order to build again.

We may want change – even look for it – but when it comes down to it, change is hard.

And, it is the only constant in life.

"If you don't like change, leave it here." (A note on a tip jar!)

Sometimes it takes a while to adjust to change – even to the change we welcome, need, and want.

My message today (for both of us) is to be kind with yourself, as you change and grow as a person and as a writer.

As long as you are willing to change and grow and take steps (even tiny ones), you will progress towards your goal(s).

That’s what this week’s good read is all about.

Cheers to writing, but also to change and growth!

All the best,
Ms. Bahe

Book Recommendation

Book: Even Eagles Need a Push (David McNally)

If you’re looking for direction – a push, you’ll appreciate McNally’s Even Eagles Need a Push.

In this easy reading book, McNally shares how to embrace yourself and how to find and express the dreams you’ve always held close to your heart as he shares his personal story with overcoming his own challenges while at the same time helping you overcome yours.

I appreciated the author's honest, gentle, and no nonsense use of language. He is frank but in that frankness he shows you how to find purpose and meaning in your life. If you’re at a crossroad – with your career, school, family, or whatever, McNally’s ideas will help you to find yourself within the commotion of feelings you’re experiencing.

What I most loved is how throughout the book he discusses the value of what we do - our contribution to society. He suggests that we value what we do but also to equally value what it is that we do (the contribution itself). Every one of us has something we do each day that is in some way a valuable contribution to the world. It is not in our best interest for us to judge or compare our contributions to others or their contributions to our own. We each have unique gifts and it is our duty to use those gifts.

That idea allows us to be free to be ourselves in a world where nearly everyone thinks someone else is better than them. When we value ourselves, it is easy to appreciate, value, and empathize with others.

It is a beautiful takeaway message.

If you’re looking for something that will help you identify your place in the world or you enjoy a good, easy to read nonfiction book with ideas you can apply to your life right now, then I suggest Even Eagles Need a Push by David McNally. You won't be disappointed!

(If you’re interested in learning more, here’s the video trailer for the book.)

Something to Write About...

“Eagles don’t fly with pigeons!” said a friend during a heated discussion about leadership. And, he's right. They don't.

Keeping with the theme, here are 5 writing prompts sure to get your pen moving.

Writing Prompts:

1. Would you describe yourself as an eagle or a pigeon? Explain.

2. Is it possible to be an eagle and not realize it – and hang out with pigeons instead? (Or, vice versa?)Explain.

3. Why would a pigeon want to be an eagle? (Or, vice versa?)

4. Should eagles stay away from pigeons? Why or why not?

5. Write a creative story about an eagle encountering a pigeon (or vice versa).

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