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Newsletter for October 2015
October 31, 2015

October 2015

New ideas ~ A good book ~ And, writing appetizers

Are you following your heart - or just following?

First, I have a question for you ...

Do you ever notice that the further you read in your Kindle book the less you see those “97 highlighters” notes?

Maybe you don’t notice, but . . .

I’m wondering if people are so into the book they choose not to highlight anymore or they don’t finish reading the book…

What do you do? Do you finish reading every book you buy?

I struggle with that myself sometimes. But, I always come to this conclusion: I selected the book, paid money for it, and therefore I must finish it. Or, I’ll have to call myself wasteful.

So… do I finish every book I buy?

No. I’m sure there’s some book I didn’t finish … like perhaps a school text book.

While some books aren’t as fulfilling as others*, I always walk away with at least one little nugget I can use.

This month I attended AWAI’s FastTrack to Copywriting Success Bootcamp. And, I can’t help but wonder how many of those people are working as writers this week. And – who’s “moved on to the next book.”

Why do we as humans move from one thing to the next?

Is it because we are looking for something that is a good fit for us? Or are we running away from something?

For a good chunk of my life, I chose things because it would make someone else happy. I chose activities, friends, and learning experiences …without looking inside myself to see if that is what I really wanted and if those things were the best for me.

All of us do this at one point or another in our lives – and some people do this more than others. We choose careers because that’s what our parents did or suggested we do. Sometimes we choose our clothing, relationships, activities, food, or any number of things because of what our friends or acquaintances suggest – or because they’re doing it.

But, is that really in our best interest? Are you following your heart or just following?

I wonder about my fellow bootcampers, and hope they are following their hearts and the suggestions that are a good fit for them.

This month’s recommended read is all about self-discovery – for your career and your life path. It doesn’t matter what someone else thinks, as long as you are happy and following your heart.

Now, back to highlighting my Kindle…

All the best,

*P.S. I never recommend books I found unfulfilling…just an fyi. :-)

Find Your Life Purpose

Book Recommendation:
The Four Purposes of Life: Finding Meaning and Direction in a Changing World
(By Dan Millman)

If you’re looking for purpose in life, you’ll appreciate Dan Millman’s book, The Four Purposes of Life.

Millman first shares how people need to have purpose, but how most of the time we wait for tragedy or times of transition to ask ourselves in the silence of the trying times … what is our real purpose in life? What is it you really want?

Millman takes you on that journey to discover your purpose – through learning life’s school rules and the curriculum of life, applying those tools to your career choice, determining your life path and deeper calling, and the purpose of now.

The foundation, according to Millman, is learning the purpose of life’s lessons. He says that humans are here on earth to learn and grow… not necessarily to become “a success.” And, that there is no way to fail as long as you continue to learn and grow.

Talk about an unconditional way to move through life – you never fail! How often do you hear that???

Millman also says adversities and failures help us learn and often times are considered gifts later.

This book gave me a new sense of purpose. And, in many ways, helped me find peace in my past decisions and in the direction my heart pulls me now.

If you’re looking to find deeper meaning for your life – to find your purpose, you’ll appreciate this book. And when you finish reading it, you may find yourself appreciating what you do right now more too.

Whet Your Writing Appetite
with these . . .

HOT and FRESH Writing Appetizers –
(AKA: Writing Prompts)

Here are three writing appetizers to get you thinking and writing:

1. Write about a time you quit something and its effect on you afterwards. It could be a relationship, an activity, or a bad habit. Did you regret it and begin again? Or did quitting become one of the best things that happened to you?

2. Write about a book you stopped reading. What was it that made you stop and why? Did you read it again years later?

3. Take a moment to close your eyes and breathe. Become aware of your body and the breath as it enters and exits ... Now think about this: what is it that you really want, that you really love, that would give you peace if nothing in the world mattered or could stop you? Write about that, what stops you from moving toward those things, and why.

Note to New Subscribers: The writing prompts can be used in the classroom or for creative free writing. Enjoy and be creative!

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