About the Author & Creator of This Site

Hi, I’m Serena.

A trained writer and writing instructor who genuinely loves all things writing. 

Yes, I love words. And, crafting them into great sentences. More importantly, I love helping people communicate their important messages clearly and effectively. 

For many years, I taught English or English related subjects. My favorite part was teaching composition. It was where I got to show people how to write through demonstration--usually with their own work.


One of my favorite writing places. :-)

Showing helped, because telling someone to change a sentence or paragraph oftentimes left the person more confused than before I told them. It's difficult to change something when you don't know exactly how.

Writing is also very personal.

Over the years, I found that people don't like to share it or ask a lot of questions about it. Especially in a public setting, like a classroom. They don't want to be seen as "stupid" in front of their peers. Asking a "stupid" question. But, when shown either privately or through a class demonstration they got it. 

Everyone is different. Each with their own unique gifts. Some people write well, but some have more difficulty and need help.

My love of writing and helping others with their own writing is why I created this site. To provide writing help in an easy to understand, simple way. You can even ask me a question, if you'd like. 

So, use the links at the top of the page to find what you're looking for. However, if you can't find something let me know using the visitor survey.

Wishing you much writing success, 

P.S. If you'd like to see my professional bio, go here.

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