How to Create a Christmas Letter Family & Friends Request Each Year


Some people go Griswold with their light displays. But, I like to do something similar with my annual Christmas newsletter. Here are 7 tips for writing your own custom Christmas letter.

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Write A Letter to Santa!


Write a letter to Santa! Yes, Santa letter writing can be integrated into the school curriculum. Here's how to do it, and where students can send their letters.

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Speech Writing: 7 Steps for a Successful Speech


If you're looking for speech writing help, here are seven steps for creating a great speech quickly.

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Prevent Writer's Block


Writer's block affects even the best and most notable writers. Here are some ideas for preventing writer's block.

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Writing Ideas: Get Inspired With Pictures!


A picture is worth a thousand words ... and a thousand writing ideas! To keep those writing ideas flowing, featured photos and some others end up here where they serve as inspiration for writers.

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