Why SBI: 10 Reasons I Use SBI for Website Hosting

Solo Build It (SBI, formerly Site Build It) has been my main web hosting service provider for more than five years now.

It is so much more than a webhosting service.

And, I have no plans of using any other company.

Here are ten reasons why . . .


#1 Website Hosting

SBI is an all-in-one web hosting service provider and business builder. When you give SBI the privilege of hosting your website, you get more than just a place on the World Wide Web to put your pages.

You also get a URL (your web address), if you haven’t already purchased one. (If you have, there's a good chance you can transferred it to SBI.)

PLUS, you get everything listed below . . .

#2 Wordtracker Credits

Wordtracker is an online research tool.

Website owners can use this tool to find the best key words for their website. These are the words and phrases people use to find information online.

As part of your annual SBI web hosting subscription, you get 25 Wordtracker credits.

If you haven’t selected your URL (your domain name/web address), then you can use Wordtracker to research key words for your site. That way you pick the best website address for your website subject.

And, if you ever run out of credits before your renewal, you can buy more. Plus, the credits you don’t use role over each year when you renew your website hosting subscription.

So, you never lose unused credits. :-)

#3 E-Newsletter Credits

Each month as part of your subscription, you get 5,000 email credits. That means you can send your e-newsletter to 5,000 people each month with no additional cost!

You can also add more credits as your subscriber list increases. The unused credits roll over each month, so you never lose the credits you don't use. 

Website Name Included!

SBI is an all inclusive web hosting service.

That means, besides hosting your site and the other services mentioned here, your website name is also included in the subscription price. 

If you already purchased a website name from a different service provider, in many cases the name can be transferred to SBI. 

I've done it with mine, so I know it works! 

#4 Help for Beginners

New to website development?

No problem.

SBI has all the information you need to create a successful website -- from start to finish.

When you host your website with SBI, you get access to the SBI Action Guide. 

The SBI Action Guide breaks down building a website into 10 easy steps or days, as they refer to them.

Each step is a lesson with a website building activity that could be performed in one day. 

However, depending on your available time, reading the information and completing that day's task may take longer. So, while you could complete all the web building instructions in 10 days, some people don't.

And, that’s okay. The guide never disappears.

If anything, it gets regularly updated and improved.

Here’s the best part … The guide could be considered a full course on website development and web business and marketing information and advice.

So, whether you’re new to those areas or have some experience, the information is valuable and will help you create not just a stellar looking website but a stellar web business as well.

Check out SBI for yourself, here.  --->


#5 Community Help

SBI’ers (people who host their website with SBI) have exclusive access to the private SBI forums.

If you’re working on your website early in the morning or late at night and need help, you can often find the answers to your questions in the SBI forums.

This is a help tool but also a way for you to connect with and help other SBI’ers.

The forums have information on just about anything you may need help with or have a question about related to website building and web business.

#6 Affordable Site Customization Rates (Optional)

If you don’t have time to design your website using the SBI Action Guide, you can have a trained SBI person help you quickly, easily, and inexpensively.

SBI’s rates for technical, design, and web business help are very affordable. I’ve used the design services in the past and have been very pleased with the results.

#7 Competitive Rates

At only $299 USD or $29 a month you get all of the above!  

So far, that’s web hosting, PLUS ... 5,000 e-newsletter credits each month, 25 Wordtracker credits, The Action Guide with comprehensive training on website development and web business building, and access to the forums with options to buy additional help services should you need them.

All that still exceeds what other providers offer, but you also get what's listed below in #8, #9, and #10!

SBI ...
More than just a website for this couple!

#8 SBI Gives You The Latest In Tech Trends

SBI keeps me informed of the latest trends in website technology. 

Not only do they send me email updates about what's new, but they adapt their website building software to reflect those changes.

Over the years I’ve used SBI, there have been several changes that have made creating webpages easier.

Those changes have made my website more attractive, easier to build and update, and more convenient and efficient for my web visitors to use.

They also let me know when Google and other search engines make changes that may affect my site and its rankings. And, give me suggestions to adapt to those changes. 

#9 SBI Is Your Cheerleader!

The SBI staff want your SBI site to rank high on search engines, because it means the strategy they teach in The Action Guide works.

And, it really does.

SBI sites tend to rank higher on average than other sites.

#10 Email!!!

I almost forgot ... you also get an email account affiliated with your website!

This allows you to have separate email for your online web business. And, you can create multiple email addresses within the SBI system.

That helps you organize your business and respond to your web visitors and customers quickly. 

Want MORE from a web hosting service provider? 

If you're new to website building and thinking about starting a website or looking for a new web hosting service for an existing website, Solo Build It may be a good choice for you.

Here's the big picture of what you get when you choose Solo Build It for web hosting services:

  1. Web hosting services and website name, i.e. your URL/domain name/web address
  2. 25 Wordtracker credits
  3. Your ezine sent to 5,000 subscribers each month, if you want.
  4. The latest updates on search engine changes (like Google), as well as info about other tech trends
  5. Website development help via The Solo Build It Action Guide
  6. Access to the exclusive Solo Build It forums, a community of Solo Build It website owners
  7. A great annual or monthly subscription rate
  8. Affordable rates for tech and design help
  9. Solo Build It staffers who want you to succeed!
  10. Exclusive email account just for your website!

Solo Build It was the right choice for me. 

And, if you think it could be for you too, then go here for more details.