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Do you feel this way when learning English writing? You're not alone ...

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Usually, once schooling is finished, many never think about their writing again.

Unless they go back to university ...

Or, are told by an employer to get some help ...

Or, have learned English as a second language and want to improve.

Or... they teach it. 

Or, they really love writing.

Just as psychology works best for those who need it least, the same can be said of writing. Good writers search out writing tips. They get helpful suggestions to improve their writing. And, they love getting new writing ideas!

That's what is all about. Helping writers, writing teachers, second language learners, and others get the writing answers and help they need. 

So, peruse the pages here for writing help and ideas to learn English from a professional writer, teacher, and native English speaker.

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Did you say, grammar?

Grammar help for understanding its many rules and how to use them to your advantage

Basic English grammar is the “algebra” of English. It’s the mechanics of the way we speak and write. There are so many rules. And exceptions to those rules. Find out the rules you need to know now ... 

Writing prompts & ideas for teachers

If you're an English teacher, finding or creating creative writing prompts can be challenging, especially after a long, busy, and stressful day. Find what you need quickly, here ... 

Practical Writing Help

Prevent Writer's Block

Writer's block affects even the best and most notable writers. They too stare blankly at their paper or computer screen from time to time. The best thing to do is be proactive and keep moving forward. Here are some suggestions for doing so. 

Email Writing: 5+ 1 Ways to Help Your Email Reader

If you’re like me, you spend a good part of the day communicating through email. That can make both your eyes and brain tired. These email suggestions will help you communicate your email message effectively and help readers read them quickly. Read more ... 


How-to Tips ... 

How to write a speech

How to write a eulogy

How to write an address

How to write an essay introduction

How to write an essay conclusion

Writing Ideas: Photo of the Week ... 

Steamed carrots for lunch ... and I'm saving these for later!

More Helpful Writing Ideas & Information ...

If Chip & Joanna Revised Your Essay ...


Reader Requested Topics:

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